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BLOG: Collaboration - Why it matters to OptaPro

Opta have been providing the sports world with compelling and informative data since 1996. We have created a detailed digital blueprint of over 30,000 football matches along with many thousands of cricket and rugby matches to provide one of the most comprehensive databases available.

At OptaPro we recognise that in sports analysis the products we build and outputs we create are only as good as the data we put in and so we are proud to offer our data quality, live capture and ever evolving categories. However this is only the beginning of the process, understanding the difference between interesting and actionable outputs is critical to how we then deliver and package our data. OptaPro allows for a consistent data source throughout a professional team: from media, to the scouting department and to the academy analysts. However, the value and edge that this data can provide is ultimately in how teams utilise this vast dataset. OptaPro is here to help and challenge teams with their analysis, but our approach to development will also be guided by what they believe is best.

OptaPro's research and development team are constantly looking at how we can embrace new and emerging technologies to provide our customers the best possible platforms for accessing our data. Currently we are developing systems based upon the latest advances to provide unique insights and functionalities across all of today's platforms.

However a large part of this development is also identifying companies who are already providing market leading software solutions which can then be combined with our data to provide some of the best and most comprehensive products. Data alongside video is at the core of performance analysis and scouting in all sports, and we know that our clients need the flexibility to combine our data with other sources and systems across the club.

Prime examples of this can be found in OptaPro's collaborations with these products: 


Over 130 clubs use Scout7 to track players, review biographies and store subjective player match reports. This analysis is at the root of talent identification and to allow this to be a truly global process Xeatre infuse ProScout7 with video on every player from across 60 leagues allowing for further assessment beyond the in-stadium scouting.

However this is a vast amount of video content; to sift through information on every player a team may be tracking is a huge task requiring extensive human resources. This is where OptaPro's data can enhance the scouting process by allowing teams to instantly and efficiently search video for all of a player's ball contacts, as well as the ability to review defensive or attacking contributions across multiple games.

Alongside video and reports, objective performance data can act as second pair of eyes on every player, allowing scouts and analysts to reference subjective assessment against our data to either confirm or question their intuition. OptaPro can demonstrate how a player's technical output has changed across his career in comparison to other players, decreasing the risk in player acquisition. 

The ability to have this data stored in conjunction with your existing reports allows easy comparison via OptaPro's widgets. Scout7 reports and biographies combined with Xeatre video and OptaPro data offers teams a fully-formed scouting system covering all professional requirements.


How data is displayed is often critical to finding and understanding important trends. StratBridge have been successfully providing some of the most progressive teams in the NBA and NFL with tools for data analysis and player evaluation for the last 12 years. At OptaPro, we believe they already offer the best and most evolved platform from which to being using deeper data analytics on players and teams. We have therefore teamed up with them to provide DataScout, a product that melds our data and their experience into a fully online analysis tool.


As the leaders in live video analysis products and with Opta the only provider of 100% live data on all of the major leagues it makes perfect sense for OptaPro and SportsCode to create an integrated live solution. Analysts cross the world use SportsCode to tag match footage with real-time events as the game is ongoing, ready for half-time or post-match review. Often the events collected are already covered by OptaPro and thus we can provide a live feed to index any video as the game is happening and allow users to focus on qualitative analysis.

These are only 3 examples of the integrated solutions we look to create. We listen to who our clients want us to work with and recognise that collectively through strategic partnerships with other innovators, drawing on each other's strengths we can jointly offer the best solutions. 

To find out more, visit the Partnerships page or contact

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